Ayush Mehta  Director Brand building and Development at  London Food Guild and  American Food Guild is a  multi talented person with wealth of experience in Luxury Dining , Hospitality Industry and Business operation. Over the year he has mentored and consulted many startups , restaurants and Businesses who are not only performing good but also seeing  fast growth because of his expert mentoring. 

Ayush is well established brand builder  in hospitality Industry who has launched and handled many Restaurant Projects. Under Ayush Leadership Restaurant in UK are seeing record growth and top Tripadsvisor ratings.



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Give an edge to your life and carrier with one on one Coaching with me, those who have taken this service are ether doing own business or settled abroad. Now its up to ...
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“We took Ayush service during very challenging time of covid when we just purchased this restaurant but I must say his advise ,Social Media Marketing plans, Trip Adviser handling guide, Restaurant Growth plans  and much more helped us towards positive revenue growth. He also designed cost effective and brilliant Website and online ordering system for us too.

If your restaurant is struggling then Ayush Can really help you  "

Sujan Poudel / Owner  /Namaste Himalaya Restaurant United Kingdom